Safeland säkerhetstips: Skydda dina utemöbler från stölder

Safeland säkerhetstips: Skydda dina utemöbler från stölder

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Users in many places in Sweden have drawn attention to thefts of outdoor furniture. Stealing outdoor furniture is both simple and difficult for the thieves. The simplicity consists in the fact that the furniture is “just” to pick up on the plot. The difficulties arise because theft requires a larger vehicle and theft can be difficult to sell further.

If you follow these five tips, you will probably keep your furniture this summer:

Close the gate
Research has shown that thieves dedicate themselves to breaking a clear border. Closing the gate in the evening reduces the risk of unwanted visits.

Set the furniture a bit off the road.
Thyves wants to act quickly. They carry bulky bulbs around the house.

Mark them
There are many ways to notice outdoor furniture that makes them less attractive and binds the thief at theft.

Lock them in during the holiday
Do not forget to set the furniture every night. Prioritize locking up fancy chairs when you go on vacation this summer.

Make the newspaper to the guardian
Many newspapers have the same working hours as the thieves. Ask them to contact police or warn neighbors in Safeland if they suspect theft.

Good luck!

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