Bengt from Sweden has the best home alarm

Bengt from Sweden has the best home alarm

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“In 2 – 3 minutes they were at my door”. Why Bengt from Sweden has the best home alarm.

When a Safeland Connect Homes alarm goes off, the response can be incredibly fast, as was found out by one of our users in Sweden.

A big, warm ‘thank you’ to Bengt Svensson from Höganäs for sharing your story that illustrates the power and the speed of Safeland Connect Homes. It really is the fastest response to your home alarm! 

(email from Bengt)


I really believe in effective security using our neighbours, but also specifically with Safeland Connect Homes. I have tangible evidence that it works quickly and safely, and that it’s better than the service that alarm companies or even police can offer.

I shall illuminate with a funny story that happened to me recently.

I have been having treatment for a heart condition, which was known to my neighbours. When I got home from Helsingborg’s Hospital, I managed to trigger my home alarm that got sent to my neighbours within Safeland.

In only 2-3 minutes, three large men and a couple of younger boys were at my door, ringing my bell.

When I opened the door, one of them said:

 “What happened?! We did not know if we should have bought the fire extinguisher or the heart defibrillator!”

I wonder how long it would have taken before I got help from an alarm company or the police ?? 



Safeland Connect Homes subscriber.

Get Connect Homes if you and your neighbours want to be as safe as Bengt and his neighbours!

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