Neighbours working together is a proven deterrent for burglars…

Neighbours working together is a proven deterrent for burglars…

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The idea of neighbours working together for a common goal is not a new one.

Whether in an organised structure, like a local Neighbourhood Watch, or through a spontaneous rallying, like a community searching for a missing child, it is in our human nature to want to help each other – especially when we share a geographic location.


This sense – or perhaps ‘need’ – of community spirit is where Safeland stemmed from.

Safeland CEO, Per Kallgarden, would accompany his wife from the train station to their home in the leafy suburbs of Stockholm. When asked why she felt the need for company, she explained she didn’t feel that anyone would help her if she got into trouble on the journey home. Shocked by her thoughts on this, Per felt disappointed that the spirit of community togetherness had dwindled. A change in mentality was needed.


Safeland aimed to be the digital version of Neighbourhood Watch – taking doorstep conversations into digital groups in an app that drives collaboration.


Three years, and 80,000 users, later, the community spirit has returned to Safeland connected communities throughout Sweden and the UK.


It wasn’t long before the team at Safeland started asking –  what other ways can neighbours help protect each other? What if local collaboration could help with a person’s most treasured asset – the family home?

There are many powerful home alarm solutions available today – both DIY and fully serviced solutions. The better alarm systems are fantastic at alerting home owners and a handful of additional recipients that the alarm has gone off.


Then came the question: After an alarm is triggered – then what? What if the alarm recipients are away or busy?

Imagine if the home alarm could, instead, alert those living nearby?
Better yet, what if the alert was placed in group where members would receive it simultaneously and work together to do something helpful?

Neighbours are the closest people to a threatened home and can call police, witness a crime or even check on a home.

That’s how Connect Homes was born. The Connect Homes service takes a good home alarm and places its triggers into a local collaborative environment in Safeland.

Great home alarms become even greater, by spreading their message more effectively.

The best part is, Safeland is free to download and join, so it doesn’t cost neighbours a penny to look out for a local home.

The cost to connect a compatible home alarm to Safeland is only £49 a year – that’s less than a £1 a week!

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to ensure a home has local eyes watching over it.

Get your community active by downloading Safeland free and starting your own local group.

For added security to your home, connect your home alarm to Safeland – visit

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