Safeland app tips: Meet your location tools features

Safeland app tips: Meet your location tools features

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The Safeland map is central to local collaboration and incident reporting. To help make sure you can be as accurate as possible when posting in Safeland, familiarise yourself with these four helpful location tools.

1) The magnifying glass

Press the magnifying glass to manually search for the place or address you want to set the post to.

2) Approx location

Ticking the “approx location” box will show the event as a circle, rather than a pin with a pointer. This is handy for situations when a general area is affected by a post, or when you don’t want to single out a residents home in events such as burglaries, etc.

3) The pencil

If you want to edit an address, simply tap the pencil icon. You can add location information, for example “Basketball courts” or perhaps remove some address information for privacy reasons.

4) The arrow

This is a handy tool if you are at the location where the post you’re creating took place, but the map has not updated to your position. Simply press the arrow to center the map to your position using the phone’s GPS.

We hope these little tips further enhance your Safeland experience.

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