Things you may not know about the Safeland app

Things you may not know about the Safeland app

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Think you’ve got the Safeland app down? Consider yourself a Safeland Superuser?

Well, let’s see how you measure up in today’s friendly reminder of some cool features in the app.


The Personal Safety Alarm

Safeland Persona Safety - Alarm triggered

Many of us are familiar with this feeling: it’s late at night, you are walking home and you’re less than a kilometre from your apartment. You feel a little nervous…

Safeland Personal Safety Alarm allows you to set a timer that will send an automated emergency post if you don’t make it home in time. You can pre-set the alert to be sent to people you trust within a group, or you can alert any Safeland user nearby with a public post. If activated, the alarm will create a post at your current location so people can come and assist you.

Tap the top left hand corner of your Safeland app home screen to use the Personal Safety Alarm on your next walk home.


Share your group to more people

Safeland group sharing via the app

It is so easy to share Safeland groups to get more people joining them.

Go into one of your groups in the Safeland app.

Tap the two cogs in the top right hand corner and then tap the big, orange button that says ‘Share Group’. Now you can share your group to Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or create a link that you can send in an email or text. The more people in your group, the more local collaboration can take place!

Note: You can only share public or locked groups.

Read more about sharing groups here.

Control your notifications

Safeland Kom igång - stift på telefonikonen

Did you know you can make Safeland emergency posts even louder? Or silence a group’s notifications?
These and more settings can be customised under ‘More’ on the Safeland home screen – find it in the bottom right corner.

Tap ‘Settings’ and then ‘Notifications’.

You can select if you’d like to receive alerts for nearby incidents. You can also have different alert settings for each of the groups you’re in. Notification strength can be Silent. Normal or Strong. Give it a look and customise Safeland notifications to suit you.


No smartphone? Use Safeland on your computer!

For those non-smartphone users, Safeland is always available for you on the computer. Simply visit and use your normal login to find all your groups and profile information ready for you there.

While you won’t receive a noisy and vibrating push notification like on a phone, any new information will be shown to you as a red icon next to your profile in the top right hand corner of the home page.


Connect your home to Safeland

Safeland isn’t just for people anymore. Now Safeland can protect your most treasured asset – your home. Visit to see how.


How did you measure up?? Be sure to login back into Safeland to keep updated on your local incidents and to see any updates in the app.

Keep safe and stay looking out for each other!

– Team Safeland

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