How first response services use Safeland

How first response services use Safeland

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A first response program in an area of Sweden has adopted the Safeland app as it’s primary system in which trained individuals can be alerted quickly to a nearby incident, providing the fastest response possible.


How the integration works

The Västervik first response service is made up of volunteers who are trained in heart defibrillation, first aid and basic fire extinguishing.


They exist in Safeland as their own private group.


An incident occurs and 112 (emergency) is called. The operator dispatches emergency services. A simple integration allows an alert to simultaneously be sent to the first responders group in Safeland. 

The first response group members who are nearby to the incident receive the emergency push notification on their devices from the Safeland app. This means that those receiving the alert really are the closest and best-equipped people to be able to help.


In most cases, those in the first response groups are the first on the scene, providing important and potentially life-saving assistance before emergency services arrive.

Optional skill-set separation

An optional feature of the project includes the ability to tag each trained individual with specialised skills. For example those specialising in ice-related incidents (falling through ice), those who have immediate access to a heart defibrillator or have skills in fighting fire. This means that alerts could be further targeted to those with a special set of skills within an area.


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