Difference between Safeland compatible home alarms and other alarms

Difference between Safeland compatible home alarms and other alarms

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With a rising population in both urban and rural areas, inevitable issues start to surface, such as anti-social behaviour, burglaries and local crimes. This unfortunately means that more people feel unsafe in their own communities and feel the need to take action to protect their homes and enhance their personal safety.

Having a home alarm is no longer a symbol of status, but a necessity – especially in problematic areas. This is why the home security sector continues to rise and alarm providers are becoming increasingly innovative with their products.

The majority of smart home alarms include elements such as motion detectors, wireless cameras and door or window sensors. For the more ‘handy’ home dweller, a DIY home alarm may be preferred. These types of alarms usually are really easy to install, may connect to an app, and are generally reliable. For those who prefer to leave any installation to a professional might choose a fully serviced alarm provider. This service is ‘all inclusive’ from installing the hardware, connecting to apps and security systems and sometimes includes a security company in case of emergency. This service is robust in protecting homes and loved ones, but it is naturally a bit more costly.

Whichever option, it is sure to protect a home and notify a home dweller if the alarm goes off.

The main question is: Once an alarm is triggered, what happens next?

In case of burglary or fire, a home security system will send a notification to the home dweller – either via text or through a mobile app. After receiving this notification, a possible next step would be to call the police or emergency services and hope they will arrive fast. The same hope sits with home security guard providers.

However, it commonly takes a while for police or emergency services to arrive to a scene. It could be due to heavy traffic, available personnel or the rural location of the house in trouble.

This is where Safeland steps in!

Safeland Connect Homes - enhanced home security

What if your closest neighbours knew your home was threatened and could do something to reduce the damage? That would be nifty!

Safeland compatible home alarms can connect to the community safety app, Safeland. The Safeland app enables you to create groups and invite your most trusted neighbours and friends to join them. Better yet, your home alarm can then be connected directly to one or many of these groups.

If your alarm is triggered, everyone included in these groups will receive an alert and can immediately start acting together. Neighbours can witness, collect evidence or call police in an emergency.

Using the Safeland app, everyone in a group can discuss, exchange information and work together to help solve an incident. It significantly decreases the time it takes to get help and creates a safer community.

The biggest fear for burglars is an active neighbourhood, as it might lead to them being caught. With more than 70,000 Safeland users, the safety in many communities has already increased greatly.

Safeland Connect Homes - Connecting neighbours


“The app has not only been good at creating a community in Newton Leys, but we have also been able to help with a few incidents of anti-social behaviour and thefts, by being able to pass more information onto police.”
Ben Dimmock, NHW Coordinator & Police Sgt, Newton Leys


The Safeland app is free for everyone to download and use to fight crime together. Connecting a home alarm to Safeland costs £4.90 a month or £49 a year – that’s less than £1 a week!

Learn more about Safeland Connect Homes and supported alarms here.

For more information or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

May the safety be with you!

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